Memories of Lost Border Railways

ISBN   9780951785867


Some comments from purchasers of Memories of Lost Border Railways:

... I can’t recommend this book more strongly to anyone with an interest in the Border lines  – Roger Jermy, The Link (Aln Valley Railway magazine), Autumn 2017

... With ‘softback’ card covers, the easily read text and photographs are well laid out on high quality glossy paper and the book is highly recommended.  In fact, any collection of Waverley Route histories should not be without it  –  from ‘The Gresley Observer’, Summer 2017 issue.

... I have just finished reading your book – and it is one of the few that I simply could not put down!  In fact, I enjoyed it so much I am going to read it again!

... Loved the book. It was so emotive. It brought back the joys (and some pains) of boyhood. Probably my favourite Waverley Route book and I have read them all.

... Managed to absorb the first 44 pages last night - very interesting. It's the first railway book in a long time that I have read that once you start you just cannot put it down.

... I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book.  It was a great read and added so much interest and depth to what I know about the railways of the Borders.

... It would seem that my friend whom I gave your wonderful book to read, likes it so much he has decided to keep it!  Therefore I am afraid I will have to order another one!

From the  Steam Railway  review, October 2016:

‘... most images are previously unpublished and historically priceless.‘       ‘ ... no collection of Waverley histories can be without it.’

From the  Railway Magazine  review, July 2016:

‘For anyone with even a passing interest in the railways of the Scottish Borders, this unique publication is an absolute must have and will evoke many memories. Add to the mix, more than 100 photos from the author’s own collection — the majority published for the first time — and you have a book that is highly recommended and deserves a place on any rail enthusiasts’ bookshelf.’


Over the years, several books have covered the history of Border railway lines, but my own book, ‘Memories of Lost Border Railways’ concentrates on what the old Border Railways meant to a cross-section of people. 

My book has contributions from enthusiasts, ex-employees and former users each recounting their own individual slant on the railway that they knew well.

I was involved with the protest movement in 1968 when the Waverley Route closed and waved a placard outside Downing Street in December 1968: Madge Elliot’s own story in her words is in the book. 

The contents page shows the diversity of content.  It is not a run-of-the-mill railway book and as can be seen from the comments below is enjoyed by enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts.

The book has 123 illustrations on quality glossy paper.  Many of these have never previously appeared in print and nearly all were taken by local photographers who used the railways.  The photographs range from a shot of ‘Mallard’ near Kelso diverted during the 1948 floods to Rev Maben being led away by the police the night the Waverley Route was closed. 

Memories of Lost Border Railways’ is A4, laminated soft-cover, b&w with 170 pages.

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Reprinted three times and at 1 July, I have one copy left.

Bruce McCartney.        

Langholm.   1 July 2018

Front cover:        Gordon Station, Berwickshire.  1965.

                            The last train ever leaves the station.